Messaging Service

With Ambigain Company Limited Bulk SMS services, you can send SMS messages to large groups of people at really affordable price.

Bulk Voice Call

Ambigain Company Limited Bulk Voice Call allows businesses to simultaneously communicate with as many people as possible. Many people have made use of voice broadcasting, from governmental bodies to businesses and community groups. The system can make multiple outbound calls at a time.

Notification Service

The SMS Notification System comprises event notification, timetable notification, exams notification, groups notification, and fees notification systems. These are notification services that help you receive and access all your information wherever you find yourself.

Reseller System

Ambigain’s Bulk SMS Reseller System helps you make money by enabling you to BUY SMS credits at wholesale price and resell them to your customers at suitable prices of choice . Ambigain’s Bulk SMS Reseller System is available for Businesses,Students and Individuals.